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Maui Gridlock


While Maui may occasionally experience an occasional traffic jam, today I experienced the type of gridlock that most could appreciate. Billy and I headed out for a beautiful post work stand up paddle session. This is always a great way to blow off steam and take in the beauty of Maui’s ocean environment. We decided to paddle down the coast for a couple of miles. Before long, most of the day’s worries were left in my wake. I was doing my best to synchronize my board with the ocean and ride some of the open ocean swells. I must have been in a bit of a trance because I did not see the extra large sea turtle right in front of me. I only became aware of his presence when I heard a large splash just a few yards in front of my board. When I looked up, I saw the turtles rear flippers dissapearing below the surface as he frantically stroked towards the bottom of the ocean. Suddenly more aware of my surroundings, It came as a bit of a surprise when not 5 minutes later I saw a school of flying fish rapidly approaching me. My surprise turned to shock when I was suddenly engulfed in a cloud of fish. I heard wings flapping and then a dull thud as a couple of the fish caroomed off my chest. With the great expanse of the Pacific around me, Its hard to believe that I had such a tough time finding space among Maui’s beautiful marine life. This is the type of gridlock I could grow to love!

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