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Official January 2009 Maui Real Estate Statistics


The local Realtors association posted their official statistics for the month of January at the end of last week. There was little if any change from the unofficial stats I posted on the Maui Real Estate blog earlier in the week. That being said, the official stats are nice in that they provide additional granularity and historical perspective. I also think Terry Tolman does a nice job with commentary before each month’s statistics. Without further ado, here is a link to this month’s Official January Maui Real Estate Statistics. I also wanted to take a quick moment to thank those that commented on the unofficial stats. We had a few people chime in with some suggestions on how to present the statistics and sort out some of the small market interference. I am going to try to incorporate some of those ideas in next month’s unofficial stats. Contact me if you have any additional questions or feedback or assistance with buying or selling Maui Real Estate.

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