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Peahi January 14, 2018


Our broker Billy had the opportunity to head out on a boat to the world renowned big wave surf spot Peahi aka “Jaws”to watch the much balyhooed swell that hit over the weekend. Martin Lenny is one of the agents in our brokerage. His son Kai has established himself as one of the best big wave riders in the world. Billy had a front row seat for the action on one of Kai’s support boats on Sunday. The swell didn’t quite live up to expectations as the peak wave heights occurred overnight and the shifty conditions made it tougher to catch waves. That said, Peahi is one of nature’s true spectacles and it is an amazing perspective to see the waves from up close. Here are some photos that Billy took from the boat.

Beautiful unridden wave january 14 2018

A beautiful unridden wave at First Light out at Jaws on the morning of January 14th.

Kai Lenny Towing into a big wave on January

Kai Lenny towing into a big one early on the Morning of the 14th.

Shane Dorian Paddles into a big one on 1 14 2018

Big wave legend Shane Dorian on a big wave on January 14, 2018 at Peahi

Kai Lenny riding a good sized left on his foilboard at Jaws on January 14th 2018

Kai Lenny riding a foil board on the left at Peahi

A surfer making the drop on a "smaller" wave.

A surfer making the drop on a “smaller” wave.

Peahi with support boats and jet skis in the foreground on January 14, 2018

Boats and Jet skis in the foreground are dwarfed by a good sized wave.

Peahi is located just offshore from the cliffs along the Haiku coastline. The North Shore break comes to life when the surf reaches heights of 20 feet or more on the wave face. This typically happens between the months of October and April every year. The frequency of swells vary every year depending on the size and direction of storms in the Northern Pacific. Typically the storms that create the swell are located anywhere from 1,000 to 2,500 miles to our North and Northwest.

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