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    Maui Real Estate Market Update Q1 2024 Vol. 2

    It’s time for another Maui Real Estate Market Update. We did not post anything last month. While the market was less busy than expected in March, we struggled to find the time to crunch the February numbers. If you are a true data geek, this post has the end-of-February inventory numbers, all of the end-of-March…

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    Maui Real Estate Market Update Q1 2024 Vol. 1

    It took until the last day of the month, and a leap day for that matter, to finish this month’s Maui Market update. Consider it the byproduct of an author with listings at the far corners of the island. If only I could figure out how to dictate posts as I navigate another sharp turn…

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    8 Unforgettable Outdoor Activities Maui Has To Offer

    Outdoor Activities in Maui Maui, it’s too beautiful to waste your time away inside. This jewel of the Pacific Ocean beckons you to adventure on the island’s varied landscapes and the stunning blue waters along its shoreline.   The outdoor activities Maui provides run the gamut from raw, unadulterated fun to more quiet times that…

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