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    Buying a Home in Maui: Unlock the Door to Your Tropical Dream Life

    Buying a home in Maui is a dream come true for many, but navigating the island’s unique real estate market can be challenging. From understanding the local neighborhoods and market trends to securing financing and finding the right property, the process of purchasing a home in Maui requires careful planning and expert guidance.  In this…

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    The End of the Minatoya List?

    Last week, Richard Bissen, the Mayor of Maui, proposed legislation that could significantly impact the island’s condo market. The legislation targets condos on the Minatoya List. If passed, the legislation would sunset short-term rentals in these condominiums. This post provides greater details on the Minatoya List, the condos potentially impacted, and the additional steps necessary…

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    May 2024 Paia Real Estate Market Update

    This is the second of our series that provides neighborhood and community-level market updates. Today’s post looks at Paia town, where The Maui Real Estate Team office is located. This North Shore Beach Town offers access to great beaches and water sports, good shops and restaurants, the charm of an old Plantation town, and a…

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