Alternative Energy for Maui Homeowners

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A growing number of Maui Homeowners are employing alternative energies to power their homes. Some home owners due this out of necessity. There are secluded spots in Maui that lack utilities where there is no choice but to use solar and wind power. However, photovoltaic is not just for the boonies. Economic and environmental considerations have pushed off the grid technologies closer to Main Street. A large number of homes on island have small sets of solar panels for solar powered hot water. Some homeowners are employing more robust solar systems to power their whole home. On the grid or net metered solar systems will frequently produce a surplus of electricity that can be sold back to the electric company. When stormy conditions persist, the owner can rely on the grid for more reliable power. Other home owners are using Maui’s abundant wind to generate energy. Net metered wind power is another technology being employed by home owners. The following are a couple of Maui companies with a web presence that provide alternative energies for homeowners:

Rising Sun Solar Net Metered Photovolatic Systems

Maui Energy Company Net Metered Wind Systems

Contact us if you have or know of any other web sites for home alternative energy providers on Maui. We would be happy to add a link to the company on this page.

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