Avi Kiriaty

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The Maui Tropical Estate is not only a beautiful property, it is also serving as the temporary home of the very talented artist Avi Kiriaty and his wonderful family. Avi’s works are displayed throughout the home.

Avi has been calling the Hawaiian Islands home for well over twenty years. His time in Hawaii and time spent in the rest of Polynesia shape the subject matter of much of his artwork. Island scenes of fishermen and local life predominate as he crosses many media including paint, pastel, storyboards, ink, ceramics, textiles and even lava sculpture. His style varies tremendously even within a single medium. His landscapes are remarkably realistic while his portraits have a more abstract view of the human form. Regardless of style or medium, there is no denying Avi’s tremendous talent. His work is very much in demand by private collectors and was recently featured in the film “After the Sunset.”

For more information on Avi and his work check out Avi’s website or you can call him at (808) 878-3040.

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