Banner Year for Humpback Whales on Maui

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Ron Youngblood is one of my favorite writers for the Maui News. I’m an avid reader of his “Maui Nei” feature. Ron is a motorcycle-riding, Kamaaina journalist who often captures the essence of a Maui that many dream of, or are sometimes too busy to remember.

Today Ron reminded me what a spectacular whale season it has been on Maui. We have witnessed incredible front page photos on the Maui News, viewed countless multi-pod engagements ourselves and of course heard from local friends and visitors alike of the phenomenal exploits of some of Maui’s most cherished visitors, the humpback whales. Maui’s humpbacks may be most renowned for their acrobatic displays and playfulness, but to hear them sing is an almost other-worldly experience.

If you would like to take a listen, there happens to be a website that will allow you to do so. 8 years ago Dan Sythe and friends created an underwater listening post so that people all over the world can experience the hauntingly beautiful dialog of the humpbacks. You can visit

The Humpback whales are truly a gift to Maui. If you have not seen or heard them before…it’s worth the trip to Maui Between December and April just to experience their majesty.

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