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Beautiful Rugs in Paia

Our friends Daniel Sullivan and Caramiya Davies-Reid’s store Indigo has been open for a little over a month now. The store has gained acclaim for its incredibly beautiful imports including silks, jewelry, furniture and accessories. Daniel has just recently posted the store’s current inventory of rugs on a website. The rugs are of the highest quality and truly beautiful. Daniel provided the following background on the rugs.

Indigo’s rugs are all hand woven by Afghani refugees who live on the refugee camps of Western Pakistan. The wool used is hand spun high mountain wool which is dyed organically with vegetable dyes by a Turkman dyemaster. Each carpet is uniquely original using traditional, modern and tribal motifs. The production was first started by Terry Reid and is sold exclusively at his stores in Sun Valley, Jackson Hole and Indigo in Maui. The refuge weaving project has helped build schools, dig wells and provide jobs for hundreds of Afghani refugees.

If you are in Paia town, make sure you stop by the Paia General Store shops on Hana Highway and check out Indigo.

Pete Jalbert

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