Beautiful Upcountry Maui

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Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day Upcountry. I was on my way back down from showing a property in Kula when I pulled off the side of the road along some pasture land at Haleakala Ranch. I was able to shoot a quick video to give you a taste of the day.

For those that aren’t familiar with Maui, the Upcountry area always comes as a surprise. Nestled along the western flank of the dormant Haleakala volcano, the communities of Kula, Makawao and Pukalani offer cooler temperatures and big views. The area has agricultural roots with cattle ranches, flower farms, and some of the island’s most productive fruit and vegetable farms. If this unique corner of Maui sounds appealing, you can peruse the current inventory of Upcountry Real Estate listings on

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