Big Surf and smaller surf

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Yesterday, the North Shore of Maui was under a high surf advisory. Huge swells with wave faces of 25 feet or more were crashing along the outer reefs. Typically, this is the type of swell that would light up Maui’s famous big wave spot Jaws. The Jalbert family headed over to the Launiapoko Beach Park Lahaina Area for some much tamer surf. The waves were little more than a foot in size and perfect conditions for our nieces’ first surf experience. Billy and I took out Olivia and Molly on our stand up paddle boards. The size of the boards make them perfect for tandem surfing. I had Molly on my board and she was a trooper. A true water rat, she had an ear to ear smile as we went for our first belly ride in the white water. Before too long she was popping up on the board in a surf stance. While I am sure there were surfers on Maui catching epic waves in the giant surf, I would not have traded spots with any of them. The smiles and laughter of my nieces were truly priceless.

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