Billy Joel Comes to Maui

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The legendary Billy Joel will be playing on Maui tomorrow night at the Alexander and Baldwin Amphitheater at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center. The outdoor amphitheater is a great setting for a concert with strong acoustics, palm trees swaying and the West Maui mountains looming behind the audience. Tickets are still available for the 7:00 PM show. Ticket prices range between $75 and $250. The Maui News provided a pretty good recap of Billy Joel’s career as well as information on his most recent tour and projects in its Thursday Paper.

Of course, the MACC is also hosting the First Light Film Festival through the rest of the holiday season. If you have missed some of the year’s best films or you are anxious to see the Oscar contenders that come out during the holiday season, the MACC is the place to be. Check out the Schedule of First Light Films online!

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