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While our listing the The Pali Makai Estate is a very opulent home, it is also built incredibly well. Its spectacular location on the cliffs of the North Shore of Maui provides tremendous vistas, it is also an environment that would cause lesser homes to deteriorate quickly. The owner and the builder selected construction techniques and materials that would maximize durability and minimize maintenance.

For example, the exterior of the home is a heavy duty stucco covered in high quality boat paint. The underlying stucco consists of a synthetic plaster faux over “Dura Rock” and brown coat plastic. The result is a beautiful and durable finish with no “bleeding” from underlying stucco mesh.

The merbau wood and Texas limestone flooring throughout the house are both durable and easy to clean.

Steel pillars are used to support the lanai and port cochere. The supports are wrapped in Coconut Wood Trunks. The steel provides strength and durability while the Coconut Wood adds to the beauty.

The three inch thick Cedar roof is another combination of durability and beauty.

These are just some of the quality features of the Pali Makai Estate. If you are discerning buyer, looking for a true blend of elegance and quality in your estate home,contact the Jalbert Brothers today for more information or to set up a showing.

Pete Jalbert

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