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Busy Week Upcoming on the Maui Real Estate Blog

Traditionally, the fall is a slower time of the year for Maui Real Estate. Fall marks the quietest season of the year for Maui visitors and less visitors generally means fewer potential buyers. As I mentioned last week, thus far fall has proven to be a little more active. We have seen a bit of a September surge with quite a few properties going under contract. A few factors are feeding the surge including the pending expiration of the first time home buyers tax credit, some true values in the Maui foreclosure market and returning interest among potential second home owners.

Increased market activity has left me a little less time than I would like for blogging. That being said, I expect to be a more active blogger this week. I will be posting on some exciting new listings. I will also make sure to post on this weekend’s Maui County Fair. This is always a fun event whether you are there for the food, the exhibits, the rides or all of the above. Feel free to contact us if you have any additional subjects you would like to see covered on the Maui Real Estate blog. We welcome your feedback.

Pete Jalbert

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