Change in Seasons

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With a variation of ten degrees or less in year round high temperatures, it is hard to imagine that you can feel a change in seasons in Maui. That being said, the first tell tale signs of fall and winter a starting to appear. Just last week, I felt a certain crispness in the trade winds that is lacking in the summer months. For surfers, the change is more tangible as large swells start to roll down from the North Pacific. Our first sizable swell is slated to arrive some time this Friday. It should keep surfers entertained with wave heights just below advisory levels. The storm that is generating the swells is pretty typical by the standards of early fall. A one time typhoon in the Western Pacific that is morphing in to a cold weather storm in the Northern Pacific. While Maui has some of the most spectacular weather on the planet year round, this is one of my favorite times of year. The subtle changes in the air adds a little bit of energy to the air after a long warm summer and the return of winter waves means more opportunities for fun on the water.

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