Change of Season in Maui

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Maui’s Climate is pretty consistent year round. Average high and low temperature varies between 8 and 9 degrees between winter and summer. With such limited variation, you would not expect a whole lot of evidence in seasons. That being said, our weather patterns and the islands foliage have been letting us know that it is summer in the islands. We are in a steady trade wind pattern that starts roughly in April and runs through the early fall. Cooling trade winds help to keep the island from feeling truly hot as our average temperature climbs into the upper 80s. I have also noticed a number of seasonal flowers in bloom. The jacarandas started blooming in the Maui Upcountry in early April. Over the last few months they have grown more brilliant with some of their most magnificent displays evident over the last week. All over the island, I have noticed that Bouganvillea have really begun to flourish in the last couple of weeks. I have seen brilliant shades of pink in people’s gardens and along roadways. In the last couple of weeks, the rainbow shower trees are starting to flower. I also noticed the rapidly ripening fruit on a mango tree that I pass by on my walks to the beach. All of these subtle changes point to the start of another beautiful summer in Maui.

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