Changing Seasons

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The seasons are starting to change a little on Maui. At night, you may need a sweater. Plumeria and a few other deciduous trees are starting to lose their leaves. We just had our first Kona storm of the season, and the thunder of heavy surf is more frequent on our North Shores. While our change in seasons are a far cry from those in the Northern United States or even California for that matter, there is no denying that the air feels a little different this time of year. It is a beautiful time with calm warm days and cool nights. While the occasional Kona storm might bring clouds and rain for a day or two, the rain helps turn the dry areas of the mountains lush shades of green. Our great weather combined with the less than optimal weather in much of the Northern Hemisphere makes this the start of our high season. If you have been thinking about getting out to Maui, this is a great time of year to visit. Give us a call when you get here, we would be happy to give you some advice on places to go or to show you some property.

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