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I just posted the latest version of our newsletter The Coconut Chronicles. We have two feature articles this week. Our one article is a take off on a blog post from a few weeks back that I called “the Oprah Effect”. It was written somewhat in jest. While Maui has seen a slow down, it at least appears that the Kula area had had a little more real estate activity of late. Kula has been on the national radar with the June issue of “O” magazine highlighting Oprah’s recently refurbished estate. The recent closing of a 10 million dollar land transaction furthered that perception. This month’s Billy and Pete’s picks focuses on some of the beautiful properties on the market in Kula.

Our other feature article this month looks at tips for preparing to sell your home. As the market has shifted with buyer’s gaining more leverage, homes going on the market need more preparation. We provide a few helpful hints that will improve the marketability of your home. We also have our usual features such as the Cultural Calendar, this month’s real estate statistics and the Taste of the tropics. If you haven’t checked out our newsletter before, its worth taking a look.

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