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Congrats Malia

I am a proud Uncle and Billy is a proud Dad today. A few weeks back, Billy’s daughter Malia had wrapped herself in her favorite baby blanket. As her mom was tucking her in for the night, she asked “Mommy, do you think every child has a blankie like mine?” Her mom let her know that she was in fact fortunate and there were lots of kids in the world who struggled to find food and shelter let alone a cuddly blanket. Malia immediately replied with innocence and enthusiasm, “I wish EVERY child had a blankie like mine.”

Inspired by this proclamation, Malia and her mom decided to collect old, new and loved baby blankets for Maui children in need. They were able to find five blankets around the Jalbert house and they reached out to friends and neighbors to add to the haul. They named Malia’s vision “Komfort for Keiki. ” Her goal was to disperse the blankets she collected on September 21 which is also designated International Peace Day. Her effort was a resounding success!

Malia presents blankets to Jeanine Mason of Maui Family Services

Malia ended up collecting 57 blankets and raised an additional $50 for Maui Keikis. She delivered her blankets earlier this week to Maui Family Services. The blankets will be used as part of the “Fresh Start” program which focuses on children from 0-3 who will be going into foster families. Congrats Malia on a job well done!

Pete Jalbert

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