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Day to Day Life in Maui

Making a move to Maui from the mainland can be a pretty big step. For most that move to Maui, they have likely spent some quality time vacationing on the island. That gives them some sense of the local lifestyle, but it leaves questions about day to day life as a resident. Some of the island’s media can be a good resource for learning about Maui. The local paper is always a good way to get a sense of what is happening on island. The Maui News is the primary paper and it gives insight into local politics issues and events. The local alternative weekly also provides an interesting and different glimpse. The Maui Time Weekly talks about social life, offbeat news and will hit on the occasional controversial issue. Maui is a new website that features video coverage of a wide variety of subjects. Browsing this site may provide some interesting perspectives. Last but not least, we are always happy to talk about our experiences of moving to and living on Maui. Contact us if you have questions about life on Maui.

Pete Jalbert

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