First High Surf advisory of the Winter Surf Season

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This afternoon the National Weather Service issued a High Surf advisory for the North facing shores of the Hawaiian Islands. This means wave heights could reach in excess of 15 feet at selected surf breaks. The swell should peak sometime tomorrow and slowly diminish on Saturday into Sunday. It looks like this swell may favor windsurfers and kite boarders along Maui’s North Shore as it will be accompanied by moderate to fresh trade winds. While these conditions are fun for experienced water people, beach goers should exercise caution when entering the water along North and some West facing shores. The swell brings strong shore break and associated rip currents. The first big swell of the season is always met with anticipation by both surfers and non surfers alike. Whether you are charging down the face of a big wave or just appreciating the spectacle from the shore line, it is hard not to be awed by the energy of the ocean. Stay safe and have fun!

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