First High Surf Advisory of the Winter Surf Season

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The North and West facing shores of the Hawaiian Islands have slowly been coming to life over the last month. A series of small to moderate swells have been gracing the shores of the islands at intervals of about 5 days. This week the storm track was set to provide us with a small to moderate swell today with the potential for high surf starting Thursday. Billy and I went out at one of the local spots last night and the ocean looked more like a lake than a surf break. Despite the meager size of the waves, we managed to have some fun and catch a few good little rides before dark. All of the above factors made this morning’s High Surf Advisory such a surprise. When the first swells started to hit the buoys late last night, it was much larger than anticipated. This morning’s small and glassy conditions should build thoughout the day to reach advisory heights of 15 feet on the face by this evening. The large swell and almost no wind will make for ideal conditions for surf riders along Maui’s North Shore.

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