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First Maui Mangoes of the Season

I was meandering the produce section of Mana Foods yesterday when something caught my eye or should I say something caught my nose. I faintly smelled Mango in the air. I excitedly looked over towards the papaya, banana and mango section. Typically this area is stocked with imported mangoes during the fall and winter months. While delicious in their own right, these fruit lack the full flavor and aroma of a Maui mango. Sure enough, there on the shelves were a stack of bright and colorful Hayden Mangoes. I picked one up to see if it had an import sticker. There was no sticker, but there wasn’t a locally grown sign either. The Mangoes smelled fresh, but I wasn’t certain. Alas, I spotted a mango that was still had its stem and some leaves. This was the tell tale sign of locally grown produce. I quickly found a nice looking Mango and added it to my shopping cart. It turned out that my cashier was the grower of the mangoes. She lives down in the Kihei area. This warm dry area of the island is typically one of the first places where mangoes start to ripen. As the spring and summer progresses, mango trees will ripen in other cooler parts of the island making for a season that lasts midway through the summer. As our winter season comes to the end, Maui residents can look forward to the return of Mangoes and other signs of spring and summer on our beautiful island.

Pete Jalbert

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