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Firsts of the Month

Two Maui communities have developed fun celebrations on the first Friday and Saturday of the month respectively. Wailuku town hosts their First Friday event in historic downtown Wailuku. The event features live music, dancers an art walk and more. It has grown steadily in popularity since its inception last fall. The event starts at 5:30 and runs until sun down officially. That being said a number of restaurants keep the party going past sundown. Haiku town has its own little first event up at the Pauwela Cannery on Saturday. Da Factory Glass Studio has done a good job of stirring up the night life in the country. They will be hosting an art walk with live music from Marapenzi Marimba starting at 9:00 PM at Voyage East. I hope to attend both events as I will be taking my friend Tom out on the town for his bachelor weekend before he ties the knot in a couple of weeks. Don’t worry Jeanine, we promise to be good boys.

It is also worth noting that this weekend is the start of O-bon season. The Lahaina Shingon Mission is the first of the island’s Japanese Buddhist temples to celebrate the event. This traditional festival celebrates ancestors and is marked by music and dance. It is a great example of the island’s many cultures.

Pete Jalbert

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