Fun Surf Over the Last Ten Days

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While winter is Maui’s major surf season, the last ten days or so has brought a lot of fun surf to the shores of Maui particularly the South and West shores. As winter continues to crank away in the summer hemisphere, a series of large storm ranging from New Zealand to points east created swell trains that have headed in Maui’s direction. It resulted in a period of fun surf for many of Maui’s South and West oriented beaches. As an added bonus, a Hurricane to the east of Hawaii that rapidly dissipated also sent waves our way. While business kept me tethered to the North Shore for much of the week, I was pleasantly surprised to see nice head high waves rolling into selected North Shore surf spots on Monday and Tuesday. These swell have only bolstered local surfers appetites for the beginning of North Shore surf season just a couple of months away. In the interim, those who need their fix will be able to get some decent waves on the South side of this island through the remainder of the weekend.

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