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Maui’s first High Surf Advisory of the season for South facing Shores was announced yesterday by the National Weather Service. Just to clarify, High Surf advisories are issued at lower thresholds on the South Shore than the North Shore. Don’t expect any 15 foot waves on your usually placid South Maui beaches! Wave heights are expected to have face values as high as eight feet in select locations. The advisory is expected to be posted through Sunday. This coincides with a late season swell for the North Shores that will be fading today. This swell had wave riders waking up to overhead glassy waves yesterday morning. By yesterday afternoon, the sets were double overhead. Billy and I took the opportunity to Stand Up Paddle Surf in the late season swell. After gaining some confidence over the last couple of weeks in the more placid surf conditions, it was about time for Mother Ocean to give me a good dose of humility. I had little success catching waves and took more than my share of waves on the head. Billy fared better than me catching a couple of good rides. My damaged surf ego aside, it is always good to get out in the water.

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