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Great Day on Maui

Yesterday, I had one of those great Maui days. I took my five year old nephew Ryder (Billy’s son) on a hike/adventure in East Maui. It is a Jalbert family favorite that we refer to as the Bamboo forest hike. It is also known as the Four Falls of Na’ili’ili-haele. The full hike is a bit of an adventure in that it entails scrambling up a rock face with the aid of a rope and swimming up a stream to reach the final waterfall. We opted for an abridged version where we made it to the third waterfall and skipped the rock face. Ryder had a great time cruising through the Bamboo and an even better time swimming in the pools by the waterfalls and jumping off the rocks into the pools.

For me, while I always enjoy the hike it was made that much better by watching the smile on Ryder’s face. Whether you are hiking through a bamboo forest or playing in the ocean, Maui is a pretty great place to be a kid.

Pete Jalbert

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