Haiku Dutch Auction Round IV

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We are now entering the fourth round of our Dutch Auction of 980 East Kuiaha Road in Haiku. Today’s price reduction brings us to a new asking price of $819,876. If you aren’t familiar with the Dutch Auction concept, it is a descending price auction designed to encourage the quick sale of the item being “auctioned”. It is named after the auctions that were held during the Dutch Tulip Craze in the 1600’s. The owners of 980 East Kuiaha have asked us to sell the home as quickly as possible while establishing a market price.

We had this property on Realtor caravan earlier this week and it received great feedback. Other agents loved the well landscaped grounds, views and well finished home. This really is a special property at a compelling price. Come see what all the good reviews were all about by arranging a showing today. Contact the Maui Real Estate Team today for additional information or for details on showing availability.

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