Hale Mua Affordable Housing

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The proposed Hale Mua subdivision in Waihee has been receiving considerable press in the last week. The 466 unit project proposed by Sterling Kim is currently being reviewed by Maui County Council. The project is slated to offer 51% of the units as affordable housing. The 240 acre subdivision will have 238 affordable lots. Two hundred nineteen of the lots will be a minimum of 5,000 square feet. Nineteen large lots between 2 and 25 acres will also be deemed affordable. Prices on the affordable homes will range from the $190,000s to the mid $200,000s. The remaining 209 ” market price” lots will be on 10,000 square foot lots.

The affordable housing component allows for a fast track process through the county council where the council must make a decision on the project by August 24th or it will be automatically approved. While there is a clear need for affordable housing, the project has its share of opponents due to concerns about traffic, general infrastructure and the fast track process. Sterling Kim is slated to address some of those concerns through road extensions, the construction of a new bridge and a new wastewater treatment plant.

County Council meetings held on the subject have already raised some red flags. It is not clear whether or not Mr. Kim and other advocates of the project will be able to overcome objections raised to date, but he has some pretty powerful proponents on his side including Mayor Arakawa. The Jalbert Brothers will monitor developments on Hale Mua carefully. For more detailed information, check out the Thursday and Friday articles in the Maui News.

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