Hale Mua Moving Forward

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The affordable housing project Hale Mua overcame a major hurdle necessary to move forward when it received Land Use Commission approval. The project was able to get County Council fast track approval over the summer of 2005, but has since been floundering. Title for the property was challenged and the land use commission had to put their approvals for zoning changes on hold. The land use commission debated the changes and at one time appeared to be ready to scuttle the project. While the approval of the land use commission is an important step for Hale Mua to move forward, developer Sterling Kim remained cautious about the projects prospects. His biggest concern is that compromises made to get Land Use Commission led to a project different than what was approved by the county council. New Mayor Charmain Tavares did not believe that will be an issue. We will continue to monitor developments on the project. For a more comprehensive review of yesterday’s land use commission meeting, check out the article in today’s Maui News.

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