Hali’imaile Planning Workshop Results

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The Maui News had an article in Sunday’s edition reporting on the results of the planning meetings in Hali’imaile. We have had a couple of articles in the blog discussing Alexander and Baldwin and Maui Land and Pineapple’s meetings with the general public to get input on the development plans in the Upcountry community of Hali’imaile. Workshops and meetings were held that incorporated community members with planning consultants from throughout the U.S. The results were presented at a meeting on Thursday of last week. The resulting vision of the community focused on a town that put a premium on keeping amenities within walking distance and green architecture. Employing heavy use of “cradle to cradle” planning which relies heavily on recycled materials. Green methods included the use of recycled and reclaimed grey and black water, heavy use of photovoltaics and the use of alternative building materials. One material I had not heard mentioned prior to these planning sessions was the use of sugar begasse. That is the fibrous byproduct after sugar has been extracted from cane. Company officials were quick to emphasize that the planning for proposed development in Hali’imaile is ongoing. Additional inputs will be incorporated as the developments of A and B and Maui Land and Pine move through the approval process.

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