Hali’imaile Town Meetings

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Meetings were held this weekend in the community of Hali’imaile to discuss the future development of the town. Alexander and Baldwin and Maui, Land and Pine currently use the fields around the small pineapple town for Pineapple and Sugar Cane. As these fields go fallow, the two companies are looking at other options for the land in the area. Development appears likely and it has only been enhanced by the probability that the Kihei to Upcountry bypass road will connect to Haleakala highway at the intersection of Hali’imaile Road. A and B and Maui Land and Pineapple hosted a meeting to discuss development in the area and to gain community input on the planning of an expanded mixed use village. The community input is to be incorporated into the overall development plan that would be submitted to the county. The development plan will be subject to rules and restrictions that come from the county general plan.

Architects, planners and consultants from around the country were on hand for an all day Friday meeting and Saturday workshop at the Hali’imaile gym. Planners and consultants spent considerable presenting how design concepts such as new urbanism and sustainability will be incorporated into the community. Local residents from Hali’imaile were more focused on issues of affordable housing, protection of Hawaiian culture, land ownership and the desirability of an expanded community in Hali’imaile. Many expressed concerns over a development that would add as many as 1800 new residential units to a town that had roughly 800 occupants at the time of the last census.

While the Friday discussion was well attended by members of the community, the Saturday workshops were not as highly attended. The session did however gather some good input from community members. Some of the items discussed included the preservation of views, affordable housing, preservation of agriculture, the planting of a native forest between Hali’imaile and Makawao and a lot more. For those that would still like to make comments and suggestions, an open house will be held tomorrow (Tuesday March 14th) at Scout Hall in Hali’imaile. A “working blueprint” for the new Hali’imaile will be presented on Thursday at the Hali’imaile gym between 6:30 and 9:00 PM.

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