Hana Land for Sale

This page contains all of the current Hand Land listings for sale on the Maui MLS. Hana, Maui is a special place. Set at the end of a scenic and windy road on the eastern tip of the island, it offers a tremendous sense of seclusion. It may not be for everyone. If you value a lot of shopping options, convenience or bustling night life, you aren’t looking in the right place. If you appreciate nature, quiet and a small community, Hana could be a good fit.

Hana Land tends to come with some acreage. The bulk of the area is agriculturally zoned with lots that range from 2 to over 100 acres. There are a smattering of smaller lots that come for sale once in a blue moon in Hana Town or along Hana Bay. Hana Land can be pretty diverse. Some of that is driven by climate, some by proximity to the ocean and some by recent land use. Like many areas of windward Maui, there is a broad range of precipitation. From just over 60 inches of rain near town to upwards of 120 inches for areas up the hill towards Nahiku. In some of those wetter spots, you will find land for sale with dense tropical forest. There are other areas that have been used as ranch land that are rolling pasture.

Scroll down to see the current Hana Land listings. If you have questions or wish to discuss a property, please contact the Maui Real Estate Team at (800) 579-1525 or by email. We’ll be happy to help.

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