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Looking at our blog of late, there have been more pictures of graphs than Maui scenery. This weekend, Billy and I were out in Hana with the family. With few places more photogenic than Hana, I thought this might be a good time to add some color to the blog.

The weekend weather was actually pretty stormy. Gusty trade winds brought intermittent showers and whipped up the seas on east facing coastlines. It made for some dramatic scenery when waves met the rugged Hana coastline.

The waves were even bigger by Monday morning creating truly dramatic seas.

The showers held off on Monday for our visit to the Kipahulu section of Haleakala National Park. The “seven sacred pools” were closed due to high waters, but it was a great day to hike the Pipiwai trail!

I love doing the full loop around Haleakala when visiting Maui. It shows you the full gamut of Maui climate zones. Here we are entering the drier zones past Kaupo looking towards the rainy areas of East Maui.

The backside of Haleakala makes for truly dramatic scenery.

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