High Surf Warning

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The North Pacific has been very active over the last week spinning a series of low pressure systems towards Maui and the rest of the Hawaiian islands. These weather conditions have brought much needed rains, gusty winds and very large surf. The National Weather Service issued a high surf warning today for the North Shores of the Hawaiian Islands with waves running between twenty and thirty feet. The source of the waves was pretty close to the islands. The shorter travel distance made the waves a little unruly. I took the opportunity to duck out of the office and watch the surf first hand. This is one of the bigger swells I have seen over the last couple of years. Walls of whitewater crashed towards the shore from the outer reefs, salt was thick in the air and the ocean provided a steady sound of thunder. I did not have the opportunity to make it all the way out to Haiku to watch Jaws, but I did hear that there were surfers out and the waves were pretty big even by Jaws standards. If I see any good pictures or video from today’s action, I will post links to them on the blog.

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