High Surf Warning Starting Tonight

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January will be remembered with mixed emotions by Maui’s wave riders. Through much of January, trade winds made for good conditions for Wind and Kite Surfers. Surfers and tow surfers were flustered by lower than average surf and mediocre conditions due to the aforementioned trades. Around the end of January, we saw a change in weather patterns of the Pacific that has brought increased surf heights and a mix of calm and Kona winds. Kona winds are the southerly winds that groom the waves on Maui’s North Shore to perfection. While there have been no record breaking swells, there have been a number of high surf warnings over the last four weeks. This means wave faces in excess of 25 feet on outer reefs. This has kept Maui’s tow surfing and big wave riding community entertained. Another High Surf Warning was issued for a new swell slated to arrive late tonight. It will peak on Thursday and decline to advisory levels Friday. This comes on the heels of a beautiful advisory level swell that is just starting to fade on the North and West Shore. As with all high surf warnings, beach goers should exercise caution.

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