Honua’ula Decision Forthcoming?

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This week’s meetings of the Maui County Council’s land use committee appear to indicate that a decision on the proposed Honua’ula development may be forthcoming within the next month. As of this week, the committee has reviewed all 30 conditions proposed for the project by the planning commission. It is important to note while all 30 conditions have been reviewed, there are a number of outstanding debates on some of these 30 conditions. Among them are issues such as sewage treatment, traffic improvements, a project cultural plan and the requirement for the developer to build a little league park. Additional requirements and changes may be proposed when the review for the project goes in front of the full county council. That being said, members of the land use committee expressed an increasing desire to come to some sort of a resolution after hours of public testimony and council hearings. The proposed 670 acre 2,600 acre housing unit development and resort has been the subject of heated debate for and against the project. Supporters of the project have cited jobs and affordable housing as positives. Those in opposition to Honua’ula have been concerned about straining infrastructure, environmental impact and cultural issues. We will continue to follow the county council deliberations on Honua’ula on The Maui Real Estate Blog as they move closer to resolution.

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