Honua’ula in Front of County Council

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Honua’ula is a 1400 unit development proposed for the area above Wailea. Honua’ula is in the process of being reviewed by the Maui County Council. The project received necessary approvals to move forward from land use committee of the Maui County Council in December after months of heated debate and public testimony. Residents are split in their opinions over the proposed development. Many have opposed the development due to environmental impacts, concern over available water, and fears of growing congestion. There have been others in the community who have rallied in support of the Honua’ula due to the potential for jobs and the 700 units of affordable housing it would create. The affordable housing is mandated under the county’s recent work force housing legislation.

The concerns and support were repeated in Friday’s Maui County Council meeting. County Council will resume their discussion on Honua’ula on Monday with a final vote on the project likely by the end of the month. We will continue to cover the debate over Honua’ula on THE Maui Real Estate blog.

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