Honua’ula Recommendation Today?

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County land use committee member’s thought they might have a decision on Honua’ula by Tuesday. However, Tuesday came and went and no vote had been taken on the project. Honua’ula is 1400 unit development proposed on 670 acres above Wailea. The development has been subject to considerable debate by the land use committee of the Maui County Council. The land use committee has been trying to come to agreement on 30 conditions prior to granting their blessing on the project. Tuesday’s meeting included a vote on a cultural preservation plan. Some members of the council were advocating that they make recommendations on the plan while others were arguing that all recommendations and plans should come through the state historic preservation office. By a 5-3 vote, council members voted in favor of deferring to the land use committee. With the cultural issue resolved in the eyes of the committee, we may see a vote on the project as soon as today. We will have updates on the Maui Real Estate Blog.

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