Honua’ula Review Starts Again on Thursday

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After almost a month long break, the Maui Land Use Committee will be resuming its review of the Honua’ula development in South Maui. Honua’ula has been the subject of two public testimonies and over 52 hours of debate. The land use committee has been able to agree on 12 of 19 conditions that they have selected for approval. The proposed 670 acre development has created a firestorm of controversy with passionate arguments for and against the development. A large and vocal group has been opposed to the project citing infrastructure challenges, environmental impact and overall concerns about density and cultural impacts. Advocates of the development have focused on the amount of affordable housing that would come about due to the workforce housing requirements. We will continue to follow the land use committee hearings on Honua’ula on the Maui Real Estate Blog.

Click Here for today’s article on Honua’ula in the Maui News.

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