Honua’ula Starts its Next Phase of Planning

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Tuesday evening Mayor Charmaine Tavares signed the land use ordinances necessary for the Honua’ula development to move forward to the next phase of the planning process. The proposed 670 acre 1400 unit development located above Wailea Resort and next to Maui Meadows Subdivision. The zoning and land use ordinances were passed by County Council Last Month after months of contentious debate and public testimony. Opponents of the project had hoped that the mayor would veto the zoning bill. The mayor had a ten business day time period to review the bill and make her decision. She used almost all of that time in what has become a hot button issue for Maui County.

With the zoning changes made, Honua’ula Properties LLC will now begin developing specific engineering plans for the development. Water, roads, grading and other plans must be developed and presented to the public. The specter of lawsuits also loom over the project as some opponents have indicated that they will take the issue to the courts. We will continue to follow the debate and review of Honua’ula on The Maui Real Estate Blog.

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