Honua’ula Takes a Step Forward

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Honua’ula also at one time known as Wailea 670 is a development that has been in the planning stages for almost two decades. The 670 acre parcel in South Maui is situated between the resort community of Wailea and Maui Meadows. Today’s Maui News has an article on a Wednesday County Council meeting discussing the project. The meeting discussed revising standards and specifics of the development plan. Central to the meeting were discussions regarding the project and the county’s new workforce housing policy. The policy states that new developments with a median price of $600,000 or less would have a 40% affordable housing component. The council wants 50% or more affordable with a median price of $600,000 or more. Since Honua’ula has been on the books for sometime, there was some debate as to whether the new policy was applicable for the development. County Council members voted yes that it should be applicable. While representatives to the developer appeared to be resigned to the new policy, they stated that the specifics and how they would satisfy the 50% was still up to debate. The project will need to go before the planning department again to discuss specifics of the development before it goes back in front of county council for additional approvals. We will continue to follow developments with Honua’ula on THE Maui Real Estate Blog.

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