Honua’ula to have another Public Hearing

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The debate over the proposed Honua’ula development in South Maui continues to make headlines in the Maui News. Earlier in the week county council member Jo Anne Johnson was vocal in her calls for additional opportunity for public testimony. Land use committee chairman Mike Molina thought testimony was sufficient to move forward. It appears that feedback from constituents had prompted two other county council members to call for public comment. Mike Victorino and Michelle Anderson have joined Johnson in their calls for a public meeting. According to county charter, a public hearing must be held when three or more council members request a hearing. County council chariman Riki Hokama must now pick a time and place for the meeting.

In addition to the question of public testimony, some headway was made regarding the conditions set for Honua’ula to move forward. Three of the 30 proposed conditions have been agreed upon. Those include protections for native plant species, dust control and the establishment of appropriate lighting standards. Considerable time was allocated to the issue of water, but no consensus has been made. Water and its availability is one of the key issues under debate for the development. We will continue to provide coverage of the Honua’ula debate on the Maui Real Estate Blog.

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