Honua’ula Discussions on a Three Month Hiatus

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Friday’s Maui News has an article on the ongoing discussion regarding the proposed Honoua’ula development in South Maui. The development which would be located next to Maui Meadows and Wailea would include over 1,400 residential units and an 18 hole golf course on 670 acres. The county land use group has decided to put the Honoua’ula discussion on hold for three months so the county council can focus on budget discussions in the months of April and May.

While discussions on Honoua’ula have been delayed, it was not without significant deliberation in last week’s land use meeting. The land use committee spent 6 hours reviewing water and traffic associated with the project. The developer is proposing a private water system, but commissioners thought a water system of that size should not be controlled by the county. There was also discussion of size of road ways and traffic lights near the proposed project. It was suggested that the Piilani highway which merges from 4 lanes to 2 near the project would be inadequate. Council members surmised that the Piilani should be 4 lanes to the entry of Honoua’ula. A member of the Maui police force also indicated that traffic impact studies indicated a need for additional traffic signals so that residents of Wailea and Maui Meadows were better able to access the Piilani. The Maui Real Estate Blog will continue to follow county discussions on Honua’ulu when they resume sometime this summer.

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