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Humpback Whales

While I have yet to see a Humpback Whale this year, I had whales on my brain today. More precisely, I had whale brains on my brain. I read an interesting article today on the the brain cells of Humpback Whales. Apparently, humpbacks have brain cells that are only found in Humans, dolphins and great apes. It is thought that these brain cells known as Spindle Neurons may be related to functions like cognition. The implication is that Humpbacks may be smarter than previously thought.

Maui residents and visitors eagerly anticipate the Humpback Whale migrates to our waters every winter. While the first Humpback of the season was spotted in Early October, the real whale season does not start until late December or early January. It is our good fortune to take in these gentle giants from afar on our shorelines or up close on a Maui Whale Watch. It is amazing to see their tremendous grace, power and athleticism when they breach the ocean’s surface. Their intelligence comes as little surprise having had the opportunity to look into the eyes of a Humpback as it rolls gently on the surface of the Pacific. I look forward to many sightings in the months to come.

Pete Jalbert

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