Hurricane Flossie Update

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After barreling towards the Big Island as a category four hurricane, Flossie is now a tropical storm headed west away from the Hawaiian Islands. Flossie’s rapid reduction in strength can be attributed to the trade winds that are prevalent much of the year in Hawaii as well as some cooler waters. The tradewinds sheared the storm apart drawing moisture away to the North East. While Hawaii can and does have Hurricanes, they are not as frequent as one might expect. Maui has not had a direct strike since the 1800s. The relatively infrequent nature of storms is mostly attributed to the same factors that downgraded Flossie. Right now, Maui and the rest of the islands are mostly dry with high clouds keeping things overcast. A few passing showers can be expected in windward areas. Winds are a touch more blustery than usual. A more normal tradewind weather pattern is expected to return by Thursday or Friday.

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