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Island Fever?

“Do you ever get island fever?” If I were to create a Maui real estate agent frequently asked questions list, I would imagine this one would be near the top. People love coming to Maui for vacation, but they have some concerns when it comes to relocation. They want to know if there are enough things happening on our little island in the middle of the Pacific to keep you entertained. From my perspective, the answer is an unequivocal yes! There is a whole lot more than surf, sun and sand. Maui offers educational opportunities, cultural events, festivals, sporting events, volunteer opportunities and much more.

My last weekend speaks to the diversity of entertainment options available. In addition to some time playing in the surf, I went to a University of Hawaii volleyball game on Saturday night. There is a branch of the UH system located in Kahului. While the main UH campus and associated athletic teams are on Oahu, the sports teams will occasionally schedule games on Maui. This last weekend the national powerhouse University of Hawaii Mens Volleyball team came to the War Memorial Gymnasium for a match. The Warriors packed the house and put on a good show.

On Sunday, I went to Maui Open Studios. This is a cool event that started this year to showcase the island’s many and talented artists. For the first three weekends of February, different Maui artists are opening up their studios so you can see their current works. I headed up to the Kula area to see local artists John Lindquist and Anna Keay. It was great to see their latest projects and to watch John in action with his glass.

Typically, there are interesting events like this happening every week. If you missed the Maui Open Studios event, their last weekend is coming up with open studios out in the Hana area. If you are looking for a Festival, Whale Day is happening on Saturday in Kihei. That is always a fun event with music, games, environmental displays and a whole lot. Maui truly offers the opportunity for a rich and diverse lifestyle beyond its beaches.

Pete Jalbert

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