Jaws, January 4, 2012

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There was a high surf warning today on Maui’s North Shore. That means the infamous surf break Peahi or Jaws came to life. This break has been better known as a mecca for tow-in surfing. The wave was thought to break too fast for surfers to paddle into the big waves so Jet skis were used to tow surfers into the giant surf. Over the last couple of years, the perception that Jaws is too big and fast to paddle has changed. Today marked a shift as surfers were only paddling into Jaws for most of the morning. Jet Skis were only used to pull surfers out of the impact zone after wipe outs. They were put to good use as surfers were charging the big surf and paying the consequences. The speed of the wave combined with strong off shore winds made for a tough entry into the wave and some pretty spectacular wipe outs. Here is a video and some photos from today’s action.

For more pictures of today’s action, check out our Facebook page photo gallery for additional pictures.

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