Johnson Wanting Additional Conditions for Honua’ula

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The Maui News is reporting that there is some disagreement about County Council Members regarding the next steps for the proposed Honua’ula development in South Maui. While county commission land use chair Mike Molina believes that the council has heard adequate public testimony on Honua’ula, Jo Anne Johnson disagrees citing the number of people who still had not had an opportunity to testify during last week’s public comment sessions. Johnson would also like to add 7 more conditions for the developers. As it stands right now, the developers have over 30 conditions that they must satisfy as part of the approval for the development. The two most prominent conditions are a call for a ban on transient vacation rentals in the new development and a request for the developer to fund a new South Maui high school. At this time, it is unclear whether Johnson’s request for an additional meeting for public comment will be granted prior to the county council going into deliberations on the project. The crux of deliberations will be the balance between the need for housing units specifically affordable housing units and issues of sprawl and infrastructure. We will continue to keep a close eye on the deliberations over Honua’ula on the Maui Real Estate Blog.

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