Ka’anapali Coffee Farms

Ka’anapali Coffee Farms is a completely unique development on Maui. While many residences on island have agricultural zoning, lots in this neighborhood are part of a working coffee farm. With big views, large lots largely covered in coffee plants and proximity to Ka’anapali Resort, it is easy to see why homes in the neighborhood fetch premium prices

Ka’anapali Coffee Farms at a Glance

  • The development is approximately 500 acres in size.
  • There are 51 lots in the development ranging between four and seven acres.
  • Each lot has a dedicated dwelling site while the rest of the lot is allocated to coffee plants.
  • The owners of the lot have no responsibility for harvesting the coffee. A crew of experienced farmers tend, farm and sell the coffee.
  • Proceeds from the coffee sales help to offset the costs of the homeowner’s association.
  • The dwelling sites are large enough to accommodate good sized homes with pools. There is typically enough room for gardens and a small orchard.
  • Lots are located up on a hillside above Ka’anapali Resort. The dwelling sites have excellent ocean and neighbor island views. The neighborhood also has beautiful views of the verdant West Maui Mountains.
  • It feels well removed from the resort area, but golf, beaches, restaurants and shopping are just five minutes from the subdivision.
  • The subdivision is gated.

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Recent Sales Statistics for Ka’anapali Coffee Farms Homes

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Ka’anapali Coffee Farms is a newer development. As such, the bulk of the sales in the neighborhood to date were for lots. The lack of homes sold render statistics a little less useful for the neighborhood. That said, more homes are coming to market. That should provide more sales for comparison. In the interim, contact The Maui Real Estate Team to talk to an agent about current market conditions in the neighborhood. We would be happy to provide comparable sales and other market information.